If you’re interested in getting some financial help from the UK government because you have a child, then you can call the HMRC up on the phone by dialling 0345 300 3900.

Having children changes everything. The dynamics between the man and woman change. Before having children, a man and woman may only have eyes for each other. With a child however, they may forego seeking and giving attention from and to each other because they are too busy providing for their children.

It is not only in the emotional aspect that things change. The biggest change is financial. When you’re single, all your money is spent buying all the things that you need, like or want. This includes paying for dinner every time you go out on a date. When you’re dating or if you’re one half of a couple, then you pay for many things that the two of you may use or otherwise enjoy.

If your duo turns into a trio or quartet with or without planning, then you’re as good as broke. You won’t have anything left to buy your dream car or go to that perfect romantic getaway. The UK government is wise and knows the burden a child puts on parents. It is because of this that the HMRC is providing Child Tax Credit for eligible UK parents. If you wish to learn more about the Child Tax Credit and how you can obtain it, then call them on their contact phone number 0345 300 3900. Alternatively if you are hard-of-hearing or have speech difficulties and you therefore require the use of textphone or minicom services please dial their dedicated helpline 0345 300 3909.

You can also write to them by sending your letters to their general enquiries address:

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office,
PR1 4AT,
United Kingdom.