The UK CSA contact numbers that you should phone to receive help with getting child support are 0345 609 0092 for Eastern England, 0345 609 0082 if you are based in North West England, 0345 609 0062 for Midlands enquiries, 0345 609 0042 for North East England, 0345 609 0052 for South East England and 0345 609 0072 for South West England.

Couples don’t always grow old together. Sometimes, they may just realise their committal-mistakes and try to get away from the responsibilities of their relationships by breaking it off with their lover. This however doesn’t fully apply to any children they may have together. Sure, you can get away from your child physically, emotionally and geographically but your DNA still forms their very being, therefore you are required by law to pay for child support. The government agency that enforces this is the Child Support Agency (CSA).

CSA Offices and their Contact Numbers

The 6 regional offices of the CSA can be contacted for support, enquiries and submission of your case.

The office in Belfast can be reached on the phone by dialing 0345 609 0092 or 0345 713 2243 if you’re using a textphone or minicom service. As well as serving Northern Ireland this team are also the administrators for Eastern England.

Their North-West office in Birkenhead can be reached on the phone by dialling 0345 609 0082 or by calling 0345 713 8099 if you use a textphone or minicom device.

The office in Dudley can be reached can be contacted by calling 0345 609 0062 & 0345 713 1707. If you are hard-of-hearing or have speech impediments then you should dial 0845 713 1707 at 7p/min plus network access charge if you’re using a textphone.

Their Scotland office in Falkirk can be reached on the phone by dialling 0345 609 0042 or 0345 713 6804 if you’re using a textphone. If you are based in North-East England you should also phone these numbers.

The office in Hastings can be reached on the phone if you are based in South-East England by dialling 0345 609 0052 or 0345 713 4700 if you’re using a textphone device.

The South-West England CSA office in Plymouth can be reached on the phone by dialling 0345 609 0072 or 0345 713 7217 if you’re using a textphone.

The above CSA numbers are for cases opened after March 2003, if yours was opened before that, then dial 0345 713 3133 on the telephone or 0345 713 8924 on the textphone.