To contact the E.ON customer service phone number about your electricity bill or supply, just dial 0333 202 4606.

E.ON is a household name for a large part of the UK population, for the rest it may just conjure up an image of a large faceless energy company. However you view their company there’s one thing for sure – E.ON is a big player in energy and they are currently using their position to make a positive change on the development of sustainable energy.

Telephone Numbers for E.ON

If you have questions about your prepayment meter or if you just wish to get customer support, then dial 0345 303 3040. You should also call this helpline to get further information about their gas & electricity tariffs and find out how much you would have to pay to have your energy needs fulfilled by them.

If you have questions about your E.ON credit meter, call 0345 303 3020.

Alternatively if you have a more modern Smart Meter and you have questions about it then dial 0345 366 5976.

If you currently have a prepayment meter and you have previously been with another provider, then dial 0345 302 3473 for customer support.

If you have a credit meter and you have recently moved to E.ON then dial 0333 202 4610 to make your enquiries.

If you have complaints about their service or your supply and you want to tell them then please dial 0333 202 4606.

If you want E.ON to double-check your bill or to submit meter readings then call 0345 059 9905.

If you would like to receive your correspondence such as bills in braille format then call 0333 202 4674 to make a request.

If you have an auditory impairment and you’re using a textphone or minicom, then dial 0800 056 6560 to contact E.ON.

If you’re planning on calling E.ON long distance from outside the UK then dial their international helpline +44 115 843 4373.

Alternatively if you are considering E.ON as your energy supplier for your business, then call them on 0333 202 4586 to discuss terms.

Social Media

E.ON can be easily reached by using their social media accounts. Firstly they are on Twitter @EONhelp, where you can send your customer service enquiries in a tweet.

You can also write a post on their official facebook page