Groupon takes good care when it comes to satisfying each and every customer – to contact Groupon’s customer care phone line you just have to dial 020 3510 0444.

Groupon is a website where both customers and businesses can get something out of their online transaction on the site. Businesses typically go on Groupon to advertise their products and services to their target market which they do by offering limited coupons that their customers then purchase through the site. Although this may negatively affect their profit margins it is significantly cheaper than conventional marketing campaigns so it pays off.

The end customers, on the other hand, go on Groupon to purchase any product that feels as though they are a great bargain.

Telephone Contact Number for Groupon

When you have some enquiries for the Groupon customer service team because you have purchased deals that don’t have proper instructions on how to claim them or you are confused as to how to go claiming your vouchers, then don’t hesitate to contact Groupon on their UK phone number 020 3510 0444.

This is why the customer service team is there – to answer any query that you may have regarding what they offer.

Social Media for Groupon

It is not only through the phone that customers can get in touch with Groupon. They can also be easily contacted with the use of social media.

You can send them a tweet @Groupon_UK containing details of your enquiry which you can also follow if you want to know about their latest deals.

Their deals are also promoted on their Facebook account, where you can send them a post to get customer service support

Email Groupon

Those who feel that their enquiries won’t fit the character-limit constraints of Twitter can send their enquiries via email instead. You can such a highly detailed email regarding your concerns to

You can also make use of their website email form found at